Facebook removes more Palestinian content

The Facebook administration has expanded its campaign against the Palestinian content and continued to remove Palestinian pages, posts and accounts at the request of the Israeli occupation government, according to Sada Social Center.

The Facebook administration recently identified certain terminology and posts on the Palestinian issue as “provocative” material, thereby removing or closing accounts of publishers.

Facebook also created new algorithms that monitor Palestinian content more broadly.

It also removed Palestinian content published in recent months and years in an attempt to distract attention from the history and the question of Palestine.

At the same time, there has been increasing Israeli incitement, hate and racism against the Palestinians on Facebook at a reported rate of one post per 71 seconds.

Last week, the Office of the Attorney General of the Israeli occupation admitted that it had submitted more than 12,000 requests to Facebook to remove Palestinian content.

The Israel Channel 7 also admitted that Facebook had positively responded to 85% of the total requests (approximately 10,000 requests) submitted by the Israeli occupation government to remove Palestinian content