Facebook removes Palestinian pages for sharing pictures of deceased Ahmad Jarrar

Facebook removes Palestinian pages for sharing pictures of deceased Ahmad Jarrar
Facebook violates Palestinian content 29 times in less than 48 hours
The Sada Social Center said in a recent statement that the Facebook administration violated Palestinian content on its website 29 times in less than 48 hours.
It added that these violations included the removal of pages and the blocking or removal of posts.
The center said the most important of these pages are those of Palestine 27, the Jarrar Family, Al-Fajr al-Jadid TV, West Bank News, Demos, Mesh Hek page for political sarcasm, and Hour 8 page.
Spokesman for the Sada Social Center, Iyad Rifaie, expressed his discontent over the removals, saying the Facebook administration has given up to the dictates of the Israeli occupation by violating the Palestinian content, especially with regard to Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, such as martyr Ahmed Nasr Jarrar.
He described this as a clear violation of all the criteria and the freedom of opinion and expression which Facebook claims to endorse.
“The Facebook administration deals with double standards when it blocks or removes the Palestinian content at a time it turns a blind eye to the continued incitement by the Israeli occupation and settlers on Facebook,” Refaie said.
Rifaie confirmed that the center documents all violations by Facebook and coordinates with human rights organizations and the Facebook administration in order to restore the removed pages.
He called on anyone whose content is violated to communicate with the center.
To be noted, several agreements have been reached between Facebook and the government of the Israeli occupation to curb the Palestinian content on the website.