In February and March 50 violations

The Sada Social Center has said that the social networking websites continued since the beginning of the year their crackdown on the Palestinian content online.

SSC added that the policies of these websites do not take into consideration the particular Palestinian context.

In its ongoing efforts to protect Palestinian content on these websites, SSC has documented a number of violations, mostly on Facebook.

In February and March, the social networking websites committed 50 violations, including the removal of pages and personal accounts, the temporary ban and the removal of publications under various pretexts such as supporting the Palestinian resistance – including a recent anti-Israeli attack near Salfit town in the West Bank – and criticizing the singing of the Israeli national anthem in Qatar.

Although the site is supposed to be a personal space for the exercise of freedom, Facebook committed 47 violations, the most prominent of which were the removal of the page of martyr Omar Abu Laila, as well as the pages of the Palestine Post, Beit Dajan Today, Anin Al-Quds, Yatta Times, the Eye Media Network, Edhna Times, and the Fajar Times.

SSC also monitored a temporary ban of a number of journalists and activists, the most prominent of whom were journalist Hassan Esleih, activist Mahmoud Haribat, journalist Ali Ebedat, activist Tariq al-Shamali, Dr. Saleh al-Raqab, and journalist Mohammad Turkman, journalist Abdel Karim Musaytef, journalist Jihad Barakat and journalist Mohammad Edkedek.

In the meantime, Twitter has banned two activists, Ayat al-Ghoul and Rawya al-Rantissi, for their pro-Palestine activities and posts.

The site YouTube has removed the channel of activist Yasser Ashour, which contains a large number of important and historical videos on the Palestinian issue.

SSC has continued its efforts to communicate with social media administrations to protect the Palestinian digital content and reach out a fair and equitable mechanism for Palestinian users.

The Sada Social Center is a voluntary center launched in early 2017 It aims to enrich the Palestinian content on the internet especially in social networking websites, and monitors the violations of this content by the different parties.