Sada Social Center documented nearly 50 violations against Palestinian content


Sada Social Center documented, during August 2021, nearly 50 violations against Palestinian content and the rights of Palestinian users.
These violations and restrictions mainly affected the content and accounts that dealt with the Palestinian situation and the ongoing violations of the occupation.
The restrictions also affected the Palestinian accounts that covered the recent situations in Afghanistan and as a result of measures taken speedily by social networking sites, which led to confusing news coverage and media work for journalists and Palestinian press institutions. Words like Kabul, Afghanistan or Taliban are enough to delete the content.
This restriction also extended to include some kind of penalties for Palestinian media pages that were subjected to the removal of content and publications they submitted about Afghanistan, and the Center received several complaints from people whose accounts on Facebook were subjected to being banned from publishing because of their use of these terms.

Sada Social Center denounced this police approach in the performance of social networking sites, which has become the most prominent feature of blocking, banning, and prosecuting accounts.
These sites are no longer satisfied with pursuing Palestinian content, but rather practice a kind of organized blocking of information, publication and participation in many issues around the world.
Sada Social Center also denounced the accession of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees to the pursuit of Palestinian digital content, and the restriction of freedom of expression, through its threat to dismiss a number of its employees in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Syria and Lebanon, based on complaints submitted by the Zionist Organization UN Watch, this is what the Center considered a succumb to pressure and the organized Israeli campaign against Palestinian content.

The center also implemented awareness activities about electronic extortion, in which it discussed the importance of reporting electronic extortion from those who are exposed to it, clarification of reporting methods, instructions on dealing with it, and tools to prevent it through the use of social networking sites, and the need to report cases of extortion to the police directly or through its website. .

The Center condemned the continuation of social networking sites by allowing other pages to be turned into a platform and a space for incitement against the Palestinians, as the center, recorded dozens of complaints about the continued publication of threats and abuse of Palestinians on Israeli pages and accounts targeting Palestinians on social media, as well as allowing the publication of violent content and incitement to murder, including bragging videos, In which Israeli soldiers committed crimes against the Palestinians in the city of Jenin and its camp.

The Center also recorded that the Twitter administration resorted to restricting and prosecuting accounts of international activists who provided content supportive of Palestinian rights, which considered aligning with the Israeli narrative and pressure to prevent any narrative that supports the Palestinian rights, and a continuation of the policy of double standards.

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