88% of the violations have targeted Facebook personal accounts belonging to journalists and activists


Sada Social has documented a steady increase in social media violations of Palestinian content during May 2020

The Center said that they have documented 185 violations, most of them on the Facebook platform, 177 of the violations, whereby the Facebook administration who deleted and banned a large number of the accounts which belong to Palestinian journalists and activists without giving any reasons.

Facebook’s violations details are as follows: more than 163 personal accounts deleted, 13 violations against Palestinian pages, Three accounts were banned from the live broadcast feature, one group was deleted, and one account was suspended.

Furthermore, the center recorded another five violations against the Palestinian content on Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp Moreover, the Center monitored and tracked a campaign launched by Palestinian activists against Facebook app, protesting against the website’s bias against the Palestinian content and closure of several Palestinian pages and accounts without providing an explanation.

The activists called for giving Facebook app negative ratings in the App Store and Play Store, which led to a sharp decrease in the app’s ratings to less than 1.9 in comparison with 3.8 before the campaign.

Another ongoing campaign is followed up by Sada Social to unlikes and stop the follow-up of the page of the Israeli occupation coordinator, where more than 15 thousand followers engaged after 24 hours of launching the campaign.

Moreover, The Center organized a meeting entitled “The Digital Blockade on Palestine” in which discussed Facebook policies and the pursuit of Palestinian accounts, and the impact and influence of the restrictions on Palestinian content.

It is noteworthy that the requests of the Sada Social Center related to protecting Palestinian content and restoring accounts may be slowed down by the Facebook administration due to its policies of working from home during the epidemic of Covid-19

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