226 violations on social media during February and March

Sada Social has published its monthly report covering the outcomes of social media violations of Palestinian content on Facebook. 

During February and March, Sada Social centered has monitored 226 violations on social media where Facebook continues mounting the violations of the Palestinian content permanently.

The documentation of the violations came as follows: deleting 10 personal accounts, deleting 13 pages in addition to preventing posting and restricting access, banning 6 accounts from going live, banning 6 accounts from commenting and posting, and one account from commenting and posting.

Moreover, before the end of March hundreds of blocking messages from Facebook were received by mistake by the platform users, and we at Sada Social have documented 185 accounts received this message, and the following up with Facebook management about this defect is ongoing.

Twitter has also blocked two accounts, Instagram has deleted two accounts, and a block for one account, furthermore TikTok app has deleted one video.

It is noteworthy that the Sada Social Center, in cooperation with the Taiaqun Initiative, launched the #Fight_Cronona campaign since the beginning of the month to confront rumors, delete accounts and pages it promotes rumors and fake news, the campaign dealt with 120 rumors and false information received through social media platforms, websites and TV channels.

According to a questionnaire accomplished by the campaign that targeted a random sample of Internet users in Palestine, it was found that 75.1% of the sample, which amounted to 315 users, see the Facebook platform as the most contributing tool for spreading rumors and false news, followed by WhatsApp by 22.4%, and the questionnaire also showed that 59% of users alert their contacts and friends about any false news or information that is circulated online, The monitoring team has monitored all this information and encouraged social media users to contact the center to report any rumor or publication that contains incorrect content or contributes to spreading panic among people, and the center, in return has sent immediately direct messages to all owners of the pages until these posts are deleted to avoid any negative consequences of publishing rumors and bogus news, such as reporting the page to Facebook and deleting it in the absence of response.

The campaign also made efforts to educate and deny false news, verify confidential information, and clarify any other information whose spread was incomplete or vague to the public. The campaign publishes a variety of guidelines for the public, investigating information about the Coronavirus, also giving the needed guidelines for working remotely in safe under the current quarantine.

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