45 violations against Palestinian content during September 2020

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Sada Social Center documented the continuation of violations campaigns on social media sites against the Palestinian narratives during September.

The Center monitored 45 violations where 37 of them were committed by Facebook and distributed as following: 16 pages, 19 personal accounts, and two groups.

The main violations were the deletion of the Ishraqat page, the banning of the Ultra Palestine page, the restriction of access to the Al Qastal page, and suspending of all sponsored publications by “Fateh” page / official page.

The rest of the violations on other social media platforms were three by Twitter, Two by Instagram, one by YouTube, and one by Zoom.

Worth mentioning that is first time to monitor a violation against Palestinian content by Zoom when they prevented a video conference webinar on their platform organized by the University of San Francisco in which Leila Khaled would participate.

YouTube also suspended the same seminar’s display after its launch, claiming that it violated its terms an conditions.

The Center notes the growing and rising response of social media sites to the continuous Israeli pressure and the increasing adoption of unfair standards to block Palestinian narrative and restrict the publication of any violations against it on various social media sites.

The Center also condemned the meeting of Gilad Ardan, the representative of the occupation at the United Nations, and Lana Nusseibeh, the UAE representative to the United Nations, and considered it a severe blow and a new conspiracy against Palestinian content, as the UAE hosts the Middle East headquarters of social media platforms.

A digital initiative has also been launched to demand Facebook to focus its policies on combating hate speech, and to avoid supporting Israeli efforts to censor legitimate Palestinian speech about Palestinian rights addition to demanding the replacement of Amy Palmor, the former general director of the Israeli Ministry of Justice, from her current position on Facebook’s oversight board.

The Center continues to follow up on violations and keep communications with content and policy departments in various social media platforms

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