45 violations against Palestinian digital content during January 2020.


The management of Social media platforms continues to violate the rights of Palestinians to express their opinions and their freedom to publish through the Internet by applying various penalties, commanded by social media websites and applications against the Palestinian digital content.

Sada Social has documented more than 45 violations against the Palestinian content on social media, and on the top of the violations throne is Facebook, which claims continuously that they ensure freedom and provide an open, safe space to express personal opinions and beliefs.

During the last month so far, we recorded 41 violations of Facebook, these infringements included: banning, deleting, preventing of publishing, and deleting posts.

Among the most prominent pages and accounts which were subjected to violations the followings:

Breaking news of Nablus, Ithna Plus Forum, Beit Furik first, Halhul Now, Safad News Page, Bani Naim moment by moment, the journalist Ali Shtayyeh, the journalist Ahmed Al-Arouri, the journalist Ahmed Muqdama. and Al Rabia Radio.

It should be noted that violations against the Palestinian content expanded to involve new platforms, as we detected breaches for the first time conducted by “SoundCloud” and “Tik Tok”.

Sada Social also recorded a deletion of WhatsApp number and an Instagram account belonging to a Palestinian journalist.

Worthy to mention that Sada Social Center continues its efforts intensively to communicate with the authorities of social networking sites and applications, where these attempts aim to protect Palestinian digital content and in order to reach out to a fair and equitable access mechanism for Palestinian users.

We underline that  Sada Social Center has launched in early September 2017, as a volunteering center concerned with initiatives to enrich and protect Palestinian content on the internet, especially on social networking websites, in addition to documenting and monitoring the violations against this content from different parties.

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