Sada Social: 24 violations on social media during last April

تقرير شهري
Violations and removal of the Palestinian content on social media, especially Facebook, have increased, revealed Sada Social Center.
The center documented 24 violations against Palestinian pages and personal accounts during last April.
Most violations were on Facebook and Instagram and included removing and blocking content in addition to preventing publishing it.
The center documented during last April the removal of the following Palestinian pages: Tubas Times, Hebron bloc, the Islamic bloc in Birzeit University, the pulse of resistance, Salfit Times, Beit Fajjar Times, Ithna Times, Halhoul 24. Hebron Times and Palestine live pages also have been prevented from publishing content.
Several journalists and activists have been subject to different violations, which included removing posts, temporary blocking, and being prevented from publishing content.
The personal accounts of analyst Adnan Abu Amer and journalist Abdel Qader Aqel were blocked, while the account of activist Muhammad Hamzah was deleted, and several posts of Al Rai Agency were removed.
Instagram administration removed several Palestinian photos from the Palestinian accounts “Nawras account” and “West Bank News”.
Sada center demanded that such violations cease and that the government have to be involved in communicating with social media websites in order to elaborate joining mechanisms regarding the Palestinian cause.
“Sada Social” is a volunteer center founded in the beginning of September 2017. It is specialized in studying the initiatives, which aim to enrich the Palestinian content on the internet, especially on social media, in addition to the documentation of the violations committed against them.

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