Sada Social denounces Facebook’s ongoing campaign against Palestinian content


Sada Social Center, which specializes in protecting Palestinian content on social media platforms, denounced Facebook’s escalation of restrictions on Palestinian media pages.

The center had documented many complaints about the continued restrictions on publishing and reach levels of media pages, and important news agencies in the Palestinian arena, although what is being published and circulated is purely news content, and among the pages that have been restricted are: Quds News Network page in Arabic and Shehab Agency page.

Observers believe that this war against Palestinian digital content comes under pressure from the Israeli occupation, intending to obliterate the Palestinian narrative with the conspiracy of the administrations of these platforms while giving a large space for the Israeli narrative.

In the same context, the center stressed its continuous follow-up to monitor these violations against Palestinian content and work to follow them up with the Facebook administration to clarify the reasons for this restriction.

The Center also called various civil society institutions to stand by their role and responsibilities in defending Palestinian digital rights, stressing the necessity of communicating with them to report digital violations against Palestinian content to document and follow up.

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