Sada Social documents 61 violations during the months of July and August

The Sada Social Center published its monthly report about violations of social media sites against Palestinian content, and the center considered that the administrations of social media sites are continuing their campaign against Palestinian content in a planned manner and are fighting it in a systematic way.
During the months of July and August, the Center documented 61 violations against Palestinian content on social media, most of them were caused by Facebook, which claims that its a safe and free space for the expression of personal opinions and beliefs.
Where the number of violations by Facebook reached 54 violations, ranging from blocking, deletion, banning of publication, and deletion of posts.
The violations were distributed as follows: 54 on Facebook, including 31 personal accounts and 23 pages, 1 YouTube, 3 Instagram, 2 Twitter.
Several meetings were held with the Access Now Foundation, where mechanisms for cooperation have been agreed.
The center also participated in the RightsCon 2020 conference, which was organized by the Access Now Foundation, and a special session was held with officials of the Content Management and Policies Unit at Twitter in addition to a number of representatives of civil society organizations from Venezuela, Honduras and the United States of America to discuss the implications of Twitter’s content policies and its effects.
The center provided a summary of the most prominent problems facing Palestinian content on social media and suggested several mechanisms to solve these problems and forms of restrictions.
It was also agreed on a communication mechanism with the content and policy management at Twitter, to follow up on any problem or violation against the Palestinian content.
The Facebook administration continues to postpone its follow-up to the center’s requests due to the quarantine and to the decrease of content review staff in light of the special conditions related to the Corona pandemic.
Besides, Sada Social Center continues its efforts continuously to communicate with the administrations of social media sites in an attempt to protect Palestinian digital content and reach a fair and equitable mechanism for Palestinian users.
It is noteworthy that the “Sada Social” Center is a voluntary center launched in early September 2017. It is concerned with initiatives to enrich Palestinian content on the Internet, especially on social media, and to monitor violations of this content by various parties.

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