Twitter considers using the word “Zionist” violates rules against hateful conduct

The Center monitored many complaints from users on Twitter platform, as they were subjected to a temporary suspension of some features in the platform as a result of their use of the word “Zionist” in their posts.
where they received a message stating that they violated the standards and rules against hateful conduct.
The Center expressed its concern that this measure would be part of the project on “Decoding Antisemitism” and part of the rising trend of restricting the digital space and freedom of expression in it.
The Center called Twitter platform to reconsider these procedures and its contribution policies in combating hate speech in the digital space.
The Center confirmed that despite its keenness and awareness of the importance of confronting racist tendencies, forms of hate speech, and the abuse directed in the digital space and through social media, it looks seriously at this restriction, which would limit the freedom to publish information, news, and express opinion.

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