Twitter continues suspending dozens of Palestinian accounts


Sada Social Center denounces the persistence of the Twitter platform on suspending dozens of Palestinian and Pro-Palestine accounts, which is considered a flagrant violation of the democratic atmosphere that the platform claims to provide to its users and a complete bias towards the claims of the Israeli occupation authorities and its Pro groups that support breaches of human rights in Palestine.

which suppress and restrain freedom of expression, The narrative, and Palestinian content, Where more than 86 accounts and well-known media agencies many of them are verified (with the blue badge), as many verified accounts of famous media agencies have been targeted in addition to the accounts of Palestinian and Arab activists under the pretext of violating the standards and terms of service.

while incitement to violence against Palestinians by the occupation continues on the same platform.

despite the clarification about the particular situation of the Palestinian content, its terminology, and the problems it faces during a meeting between the representatives of the center and the policy and content managers for Twitter last July.

and they were contacted again regarding the recent campaign against Palestinian accounts for more than a month where a list of accounts was raised in addition to a letter of objection regarding the violation of freedom Expression and access to information.

The Center stresses again the need for the Twitter administration to reverse this procedure, review its policies in dealing with representatives of the repression regimes and security agencies involved in human rights violations, and not to deal in double standards.

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