Twitter suspends dozens of Palestinian/pro- Palestine accounts in response to Israeli pressures


Sada Social: Twitter platform suspends and prohibits dozens of Palestinian or pro- Palestine accounts.

The center has received many complaints from Twitter accounts that have been suspended due to Twitter’s claim that it violated the standards and terms of service on the platform regarding “amplifying the dissemination of information”.

The center considered this step a breach of the freedom of expression, which the platform is supposed to provide with full impartiality.

According to activists and media reports, Twitter administration responded to Israeli pressures made by the Minister of Strategic Affairs in the occupation government, Uriet Cohen, demanding Twitter to deleted 250 accounts that were accused of “manipulation”.

This step is considered a dangerous indicator of the high-speed response of Twitter platform administration’s to the official Israeli requests against an occupied people, which is a clear violation of international law and human rights principles that Twitter platform is supposed to adopt.

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