Violations against Palestinian digital content since the beginning of the year


The Sada Social Center has documented more than 400 different violations against the Palestinian content on various social media platforms since the beginning of this year, and most of the violations which the center has documented came from Facebook and Twitter, as the Palestinian narrative is still subjected to various violations and attack these breaches vary from the complete ban to some suspension of some features, despite continuous attempts by the center to defend it and explain the privacy of this narrative to the administrations of social media sites.

The center had classified the violations by platforms until May as follows:
Facebook 159 accounts, Twitter 192, Instagram 20, Tik Tok 14, WhatsApp 2, and YouTube 1 account.
Worth mentioning, that Twitter platform has closed more than 190 accounts of activists and solidarity groups working to cover the attacks by the Israeli occupation in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Sada Social Center considers the closure of these accounts as a punishment for activists and cooperation between Twitter administration and the Israeli occupation in order to reduce interaction and reach levels with what is happening in Palestine.

The center contacted the Twitter administration and restored more than 130 accounts and is still working to restore and monitor these procedures. Also called for the need to reactivate suspended accounts and to secure a free space for all users to express their views and to cover the situations without any discrimination actions.

Furthermore, Facebook platform carried out several campaigns against Palestinian accounts due to memory posts about Palestinian national figures.
Besides, the Center monitored many violations against users who expressed their attitudes towards the Palestinian elections.

Sada Social looks seriously at targeting the accounts of journalists, activists, and media platforms, as these violations are a clear breach of freedom of expression and the right to access information.

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